Oxford e-Research Centre, Oxford

In this varied, interesting and challenging role the successful candidate will provide technical knowledge, software engineering and leadership ability for (i) a growing portfolio of data and knowledge management projects funded by UK, EU and NIH, and (ii) activities for the ELIXIR UK node of the ELIXIR programme.

Based in the Life, Natural and Biomedical Sciences team, the successful candidate will work closely with other members of the team, leading and contributing towards the enhancement of relevant components of the ISA software suite (isacommons.org) and of the BioSharing registry (biosharing.org).

The position requires a software engineer with both technical and social ability, and also experience and skills to manage more than one project, plan and monitor projects deadlines, assist in writing reports and communicate with geographically distributed collaborators. The successful candidate will liaise with end users and collaborators (e.g. at the European Bioinformatics Institute, TGAC, Stanford University, Manchester University, Imperial College), members of community-driven initiatives (e.g. working groups in the Research Data Alliance) and developers of data publication platforms journals (e.g. at Nature Publishing Group and BioMedCentral).

The Life, Natural and Biomedical Sciences team, led by Dr. Sansone works to develop software and promote the creation and uptake of community-developed ontology, standards and curation best practices, and their pivotal role in enabling reproducible research, driving science and discoveries (www.oerc.ox.ac.uk/people/susanna-assunta-sansone).

For further details on this vacancy, please visit the job details page on the Oxford Univeristy website here

Starting date: 
Thu, Jan 8 2015
Ending date: 
Tue, May 5 2015