Applied Genomics

Led by Neil Hall

Theme Partners:

Clinical Genomics

Co-Led by Anna Schuh and Andy Brass

Theme Partners:

ICT & Software

The ICT and Software sector for ELIXIR-UK focuses on high quality training in software and computing infrastructure skills that are of most use to life sciences researchers and scientists.


Led by Lee Larcombe


Identifying the nature of the skills challenge

As part of the preparatory scoping exercise for ELIXIR-UK's training sectors we surveyed the skills needs of industry as part of our Industry Engagement programme.


The survey results highlighted several areas of need which, along with our other efforts to identify training gaps across our sector topics, helped us prioritise 5 critical thematic areas of need.

Crop Genomics

Led by Vicky Schneider


Software and Data Carpentry

Software Carpentry


Led by Conrad Bessant

The Bioinformatics Training Facility of the School of Biological Sciences, University of Cambridge (UoC) is looking for a Training Impact Co-ordinator.

ELIXIR-UK invites present and future participants in ELIXIR who wish to provide data resources or tools to ELIXIR as part of the UK ELIXIR Node to attend a webinar at 2pm on Tuesday 9th February to learn more about ELIXIR, ELIXIR-UK and the process being put in place to expand ELIXIR-UK’s portfolio. You can join the webinar using this link. The webinar will be followed up by a workshop at the Wellcome Trust on 1st March to provide more detailed information about the process and how to develop an Expression of Interest.

19th – 21th January 2016. Hosted by ELIXIR-EBI at Hinxton, these workshops brought together training representatives from 6 ELIXIR nodes (including Rita Hendricusdottir, Gabry Rustici and Lee Larcombe from ELIXIR UK) and from external organisations including BD2K, Data carpentry, Cold Spring Harbour and Intel. There was much lively discussion across the three days, resulting in quite a lengthy list of actions!

The first half of the workshop focused on the development of a Train the trainer programme specifically designed for ELIXIR trainers, taking inspiration from EMBL-EBI and Software/data carpentry initiatives; whilst the discussions during the second half reviewed current methods being employed for assessment of training quality and impact and the role of training in increasing ELIXIR impact more generally.