Postdoc (CS & imaging) Identifers coordinator. Chair of identifiers working group
Node Staff

I work with identifiers, computer vision and science outreach at University of Manchester. Being a bit restless in my research, working in bridging inter-disciplinary fields on a project such as ELIXIR suits me perfectly. As I have previously spent my time as both a full time researcher and a commercial software engineer, but never before been directly involved in the construction of research infrastructure, I hope I can bring an objective eye and an outside perspective to the project. My background is mainly computer vision, image analysis and software tools for biological and medical applications, LIMS systems and biobanking. Questions which interest me are how to use technical solutions in smart new ways and creating simple interfaces for people without computer interest. Being born before the internet era, I also think a lot about data safety, privacy and ethics these days when technical solutions penetrate further and further into the world around us.

Anna Leida