Co-lead ELIXIR Training platform; Training grant PI
Leads and coordinators

Over a 30 year research career, Prof Ponting has made seminal contributions across protein science, evolutionary biology, genetics and genomics. His work permitted widespread access to protein domain families, discovering or extending many important protein domain families; he provided leadership in international genome sequencing projects, including the landmark human, mouse, rat and chicken projects; his studies have aided in forcing a reconsideration of the extent and importance of transcribed noncoding DNA in the human genome; and, with Voet, he developed an important approach to comprehensively sequence the RNA and DNA from the same single cell. His expertise across (bio)physics, protein structure, evolution, gene regulation, and the biology of single cells has been put to good effect to address major issues in biomedicine. These include: (i) how much of the human genome, when mutated, is expected to result in disease; (ii) how many protein-coding genes and non-protein-coding genes are present in the human genome; and, (iii) how genes are switched on-or-off in health and disease. He was the founding Director of CGAT (, founding Head of ELIXIR-UK and jointly leads the ELIXIR Training Platform.

Chris Ponting