The Node’s governance structure consists of three senior roles and three committees:


Senior Roles:

  • The Head of Node (Carole Goble) directs the Node’s operations and gives strategic leadership to ensure it achieves its mission and objectives
  • The Deputy Head of Node (Gabriella Rustici) leads on engagement with the UK community and internal community building
  • The Node Coordinator (Ruth Bastow) leads the strategic development of the Node, oversees and manages its activities



  • The Steering Committee represents the interests of the signatories of the Node Consortium Agreement and the Funders and takes strategic decisions for the Node
  • The Management Committee manages the day-to-day operation of the Node and reports to the Steering Committee
    • Carole Goble (Head of Node) (Chair)
    • Gabriella Rustici (Deputy Head of Node)
    • Ruth Bastow (Node Coordinator)
    • Albert Burger
    • Alasdair Gray
    • Susanna-Assunta Sansone
    • Warwick Dunn
    • Justin Clark-Cassey
  • The Science and Industry Advisory Board advises the Node on its activities and strategy
    • Alf Game (Chair)
    • Titus Brown
    • Mark Musen
    • Patricia Palagi 


The node also sends its Training Coordinator and its Technical Coordinator to ELIXIR’s respective Coordination Groups.

The Node also establishes working groups to work on particular topics of strategic relevance.