Become a member of the ELIXIR-UK community


ELIXIR-UK aims to represent the strengths of the UK (non-EBI) bioinformatics community within ELIXIR.

You can become part of the ELIXIR-UK community in two ways, one informal and one formal.

Informal: ELIXIR-UK is developing an evolving engagement strategy. This currently consists of:

  • A weekly “All-Hands” teleconference to discuss matters of interest.
  • An ELIXIR-UK all-hands mailing list providing information relevant to the ELIXIR-UK community, including notifications to join the weekly teleconferences. To subscribe to the all-hands list write to .
  • Approximately quarterly newsletters describing ELIXIR-UK’s activities. You can find the subscription form at the bottom of this page.
  • Attendance at and sponsorship of significant conferences and workshops relevant to ELIXIR-UK’s goals.
  • Town meetings, either to present ELIXIR-UK to a local audience or to address a specific thematic community.
  • An annual All-Hands meetup, held in different venues across the UK.

We welcome participation in these activities.

Formal: Formal membership involves signature of the ELIXIR-UK Node Consortium Agreement (NCA). This is only needed if you provide a node-sponsored resource to ELIXIR and/or are part of an ELIXIR-funded project and expect to receive funding from ELIXIR. Signature of the NCA is at the institution level (i.e. University or Institute) so a new signature may not be necessary in all cases if your institution has already signed. The list or institutions that have signed the NCA is growing steadily.

For a resource to become an ELIXIR-UK sponsored resource it needs to go through a process that evaluates the resource against a set of criteria. We aim to make this process as lightweight, open and transparent as possible, making use of an external panel of evaluators (the Scientific Development Group - see here for the list of members for 2016). We ran this process in 2016, resulting in the incorporation of the current 15 node resources as well as a smaller number who have joined our roadmap for membership. We expect to repeat this process regularly. For more details contact John Hancock.