Led by Gabriella Rustici & Rita Hendricusdottir

Industry engagement is of crucial importance to ELIXIR-UK and is coordinated by our Outreach Manager, Rita Hendricusdottir, and our lead for Industry training, Gabriella Rustici (Cambridge University,UK). We aim at establishing strong links with Industry partners in order to understand the Industry needs in areas such as training, data standardization, curation, analysis and interpretation. Consequently we will ensure that suitable training activities, and training materials, are developed to target such needs and that new training activities are introduced, as needed.

Two surveys have been undertaken to date, attempting to build a picture of the interests and training needs of wet-lab biologists and bioinformaticians in industry. These have helped guide the training strategy of ELIXIR UK. Detailed results of these surveys are available from the following links:


Below, we have presented a summary of the scientists who have taken part in the survey so far...

Wet-Lab Biologists: (n=64)

Bioinformaticians: (n=62)