On 22nd and 23rd October The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) hosted the Software Carpentry face-to-face Instructors Training. The course was taught by Greg Wilson, the founder of Software Carpentry and Bill Mills, the Mozilla Science Lab Community Manager. For two days 39 people learnt how to effectively teach essential lab skills for computational science.

This intense course covered a number of topics: from modern teaching methods such as lesson planning and peer instruction to the particularities of Software and Data Carpentry training infrastructure. Collaborative development of training materials was also discussed.

ELIXIR UK will deliver a Software Carpentry course to the students of the NHS supported MSc in Clinical Bioinformatics at the University of Manchester. The course will be a part a week long programme of development, engineering and management of software in the research context.

Members of the ELIXIR UK node met in Manchester on the 28th of July to review progress to date, discuss training activities and plan future strategy for the node. This landmark meeting brought together all the stakeholders and interested parties in ELIXIR UK for the first time, and marked a formal beginning of coordinated node activities.

In collaboration with ELIXIR Switzerland, the UK Node organised Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training at the University of Lausanne. This workshop was a part of an ELIXIR pilot project for rolling out Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry within ELIXIR Nodes. 20 new instructors based in 7 different Nodes were trained during this two day event which took place 13-14th January 2016.

ELIXIR trainers from Estonia visited researchers in Oxford and introduced web-based tools to analyse and interpret high-throughput biological data. The main focus was g:Profiler - a toolset for finding the most significant functional groups for a given gene or protein list; MEM - a query engine allowing users to mine hundreds of public gene expression datasets to find most co-expressed genes based on a query gene; and ClustVis - a web tool for visualising clustering of multivariate data using Principal Component Analysis plots and heatmaps.

This course was oversubscribed and has received great feedback from the participants.


Women in HPC, Software Sustainability Institute, ARCHER and ELIXIR-UK organise Software Carpentry workshop for Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) on 14-15 December 2015 in Manchester, sponsored by Intel and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Details of the workshop and registration: http://apawlik.github.io/2015-12-wise-uk/

Lee Larcombe will be representing ELIXIR-UK at the ABPI's Skills for the Biopharmaceutical Sector workshop, presenting findings from our industry survey and ELIXIR-UK training strategy. London, December 5th 2014.

Software/Data Carpentry Instructor Training workshop for ELIXIR trainers organised by ELIXIR-UK in Manchester 22-23 November was a great success.

The workshop was run by Greg Wilson from Software Carpentry Foundation, Aleksandra Pawlik from SSI and Karin Lagesen from University of Oslo.