This course provides an introduction to High-Performance Computing (HPC) for researchers in the life sciences, using ARCHER as a platform for hands-on training exercises.

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High-performance computing (HPC) is a fundamental technology used to solve a wide range of scientific research problems. Many important challenges in science such as protein folding, the search for the Higgs boson, drug discovery, and the development of nuclear fusion all depend on simulations, models and analyses run on HPC facilities to make progress.

The following Bioinformatics Training events, taking place at the University of Cambridge, are currently open for booking. Although some of them are already fully booked, we encourage registering as you will be added to the waiting list and notified when a place becomes available.

This free online course aims to raise awareness amongst healthcare professionals of the role of Clinical Bioinformatics and Genomics in healthcare today. We will illustrate how the discipline of Clinical Bioinformatics provides an important bridge between the cutting edge science and the delivery of genomic medicine in clinical practice. By understanding the role of a Clinical Bioinformatician it will become clear how integral they are to ensuring the beneficial opportunities of genomic medicine are fully realised in patient care


19th – 21th January 2016. Hosted by ELIXIR-EBI at Hinxton, these workshops brought together training representatives from 6 ELIXIR nodes (including Rita Hendricusdottir, Gabry Rustici and Lee Larcombe from ELIXIR UK) and from external organisations including BD2K, Data carpentry, Cold Spring Harbour and Intel. There was much lively discussion across the three days, resulting in quite a lengthy list of actions!

The first half of the workshop focused on the development of a Train the trainer programme specifically designed for ELIXIR trainers, taking inspiration from EMBL-EBI and Software/data carpentry initiatives; whilst the discussions during the second half reviewed current methods being employed for assessment of training quality and impact and the role of training in increasing ELIXIR impact more generally.

University of Cambridge will be running an workshop on "Evidence-Based Teaching: What We Know and How to Use It" where Greg Wilson (from Software and Data Carpentry) will be addressing questions such as:

ELIXIR Data and Software Carpentry Instructor Training will take place on 13-14 January 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland. This event will be an intensive two-day Instructor Training workshop for trainers from all ELIXIR nodes who wish to become Software and Data Carpentry instructors.

Last week, between 22nd and 25th June, the ELIXIR UK Node helped run a Data Carpentry hackathon and workshop at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. Both events were a part of ELIXIR Pilot Project aiming to develop Data and Software Carpentry training accross the ELIXIR Nodes. The project is coordinated by ELIXIR UK and a number of other Nodes are partnering up, including ELIXIR Netherlands, ELIXIR Finland and ELIXIR Switzerland.

A survey exploring the training needs of the metabolomics community, conducted jointly between ELIXIR UK and the Metabolomics Society, has been published in Metabolomics.

The article is available online.

An international workshop was held at Cambridge University on the 13th and 14th of January 2015 to bring together an NGS training community to share examples of best practice.

Delegates came from institutes in the UK and Europe; from USA and Australia; and from ELIXIR-IT, ELIXIR-FI and ELIXIR-EE, as well as those involved from ELIXIR-UK.

The meeting was a joint Cambridge University, TGAC and ELIXIR-UK event.