ELIXIR-UK is the UK Node of ELIXIR, the European infrastructure for life science information. It represents UK strengths in bioinformatics within ELIXIR and provides a route for UK bioinformatics resources to participate in, and benefit from, ELIXIR.


ELIXIR-UK focuses on six strategic areas:


Through these prioritised themes ELIXIR-UK contributes to four of ELIXIR’s platforms: Training, Interoperability and Standards, Data and Tools. We also contribute to ELIXIR’s driving use-cases and implementation studies. These are developing the infrastructure to address critical areas of interest including human disease, metagenomics and plant phenotype data.


An important role for ELIXIR-UK is as a nucleation point for UK bioinformatics and life science data infrastructure to interface with the wider ELIXIR community. We do this by:

  • encouraging wider participation, including frequent assessment of potential new resources and services that are well established in the UK community and are ready to contribute to ELIXIR; and

  • developing a programme of outreach to further engage the UK community in ELIXIR’s activities.

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